back to news Set catering to Infinix managers

back to news Set catering to Infinix managers

This year Transsion Corporation, which sells smartphones under the Tecno Mobile brand (sales commitments allowed the past year, then a third, then a quarter in Ukraine) introduced another brand to the Ukrainian market – Infinix. So far, there are only two models of smartphones: Infinix HOT 11s and Infinix SMART 6, but under this brand, not only smartphones, but also laptops, TVs and TWS headphones are released. The plans of the Ukrainian office of Infinix are not separated by two models of smartphones. The supplementary editorial office gg got in touch with the supporters of the fresh office of Infinix and got excited about the Ukrainian market low price? The editorial staff was informed by the manager who represented Ukraine (Ukraine Country Manager) Zhang Tianlun and the manager of business development Oleksii Dovgan.

gg : What is your go-to market strategy for? What distribution channels do you win?

Zhang Tianlun: We build our presence in Ukraine with electronic commerce, the most cost effective and growing sales channel, especially in the minds of the pandemic. Vin allows us to spend a little time on operational duties, and the leather dollar, the protection on the channel, we will be safe.

At this time, we pragnemically give the opportunity to our kindly people to get to know our fine products. Therefore, for the tips of our official distributor (the main company "Radioline Distribution", editorial note) we are already actively developing sales in the independent and regional distribution – Infinix is ​​already being sold in dozens of stores in all regions Ukraine. And, obviously, one of the most important channels for us is the leaders of the market – Hello, Comfy, Foxtrot, Citrus, Eldorado. From our side, we are ready to spivpratsyuvat with a mustache.

gg : Why is the Infinix brand recognizable as Tecno? Newly launched Transsion two brandy smartphones?

Zhang Tianlun: Transsion Holdings has a lot of brands in its warehouse, for example Oraimo, selling accessories such as chargers, headphones, external batteries, etc.; or Syinix, which sells aftermarket electronics; Itel to rob is more important than featurephone. See what we can do with Tecno on the same market, our target audience is even more excited.

Tecno focuses on the low and mid-price segments. At the same time, Infinix is ​​more people-oriented, like spending a lot of time in the least on the younger generation, like literally born with a smartphone at the hands.

Style and fashion are important for them, most advanced technologies. Infinix is ​​one of its main goals to set the security of the target audience with similar gadgets. On top of that, we have the flagship ZERO series, so we can expand our range of smartphones with the widest ones. At the same time, regardless of the possibility of our products being sold in some price segments, the multi-brand strategy of the Transsion holding helps it to gain a big splash on the global smartphone market.

gg : Is there a niche in the Ukrainian market for a new brand of smartphones?

Zhang Tianlun: First of all, I’d like to give you a heads up on the philosophy behind our company’s new Infinix smartphones: "Great screen, good camera, great autonomy and productivity, which allows you to easily get into the usual tasks. All the same at a reasonable price” (we don’t know any suitable smartphone binaries, which broadcasts like other updates, in itself and є a problem for the market — slow down the prices, so everything seems to be the same — editorial note). These principles allow Infinix smartphones to win the hearts of young people and help them lead a more stylish, productive and more emotional life.

I want to believe that in the nearest future the Infinix brand will become a great argument for all young people, that they praise the decision to buy their first mobile annex editors). As we said before, the skin model is rigged robably in such a way that it won’t work. Gave more to our supporter. Infinix is ​​not only a resounding brand – it’s the same inexhaustible exercise of the skin, it’s better to make it better.

gg : What factor will give you the advantage that the Ukrainian market needs another brand of smartphones?

Zhang Tianlun: New economic realities, shortage of components, problems in global logistics push the middle-price category electronics to keep the company’s products.

We may have a sour product that vibrates in wet factories.

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