Fitbit Blaze Test – Review of Fitbit’s New Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

Fitbit Blaze Test – Review of Fitbit’s New Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

Fitbit is one of the world’s first and largest manufacturers of fitness trackers. Quality proven over the years and affordable prices – they have created such a reputation for themselves. But let’s see if the new Fitbit Blaze smartwatch lives up to its reputation.

Fitbit Blaze – Overview

Fitbit Blaze Watch Reviews

Now Fitbit is trying to break into the smartwatch market by moving away from the typical smartwatch operating system, Android Wear. Will the Fitbit Blaze live up to expectations, or will this gadget not surpass the Motorola Moto 360 and Huawei Watch? Let’s find out…

Fitbit Blaze Watch Reviews

Screen in Fitbit Blaze

The Blaze screen blurs the line between smartwatches and fitness trackers. The display is square and looks more like dials of classic wristwatches. The frame is too thick, it would be better if the module itself was made smaller and the display bigger.

Given how little information can be on this display in principle, it does not need clarity or high resolution, and brightness is quite enough here.

Fitbit Blaze screen is often unresponsive to touch, having to touch it several times to get a response. We consider this unacceptable for such wrist devices.

Fitbit Blaze watch

Design and comfort

The Blaze looks like Fitbit wanted to make a smartwatch like Apple, but didn’t finish it.

The button on the left side is responsible for returning to the main screen and going back to the menu, and the two right buttons are needed to control the volume of music or select exercise options. The rest is controlled through the gadget screen.

The Fitbit Blaze module can be easily pulled out and placed on another strap, which is convenient, because you can choose the size and color of the strap according to your tastes. The watch fits snugly and looks good on any hand, it doesn’t feel too big or too small.

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